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Hydraulic headbox with dilution before diffuser

Hydraulic headbox is designed for a steady application of a uniform layer of the paper stock on the wire.


No-rope web threading

For safe web threading through the drying section up to the reel at high-speed machinery, it is necessary to install a no-rope threading system.



Rewinder is used for rewinding and longitudinal cutting of the paper web from the PM jumbo roll into paper reels of required sizes.


Shoe press

Shoe presses are generally intended for installation in the PM press part. Hereby we introduce a press with its extended pressing zone.



Top former is a part of the PM wire part. It is installed between the under-pressure and suction boxes, approximately in the second third of the wire table.


Transfer roll

Transfer rolls are used in high-speed paper machines for a web transfer between individual presses and between the PM press and drying part.


TRI-NIP - Multi-nip press part

Is one of the possible configurations of press rolls in the press part. The TRI-NIP is a compact set of four press rolls forming three nips.


UNO group of drying cylinders

UNO group of drying cylinders is a modern technological solution used for higher speeds of paper machines.


Wire part for multilayer cartons and cardboards

Multi-wire part is used for the production of multilayer cartons and cardboards.


Wire suction roll

Suction rolls are generally used in the PM wire part (wire suction roll) and in the PM press part (pick-up roll, felt suction roll, press suction roll).