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Technical equipment / Manufacturing facilities

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PAPCEL Co. has all the necessary departments of pre-manufacturing works, technical development and design, a testing room, manufacturing, erection and assembly workshops with all the equipment for mechanical production.

PAPCEL Co. owns several manufacturing premises in Europe with the total area
exceeding 30.000 m2. The covered workshops in the Czech Republic take up more than 10.000 m2, the warehouses almost 3.000 m2. The covered workshops in the Italian manufacturing division take up 11.000 m2. The company has modern machinery enabling to machine parts up to the length of 18.000 mm. The company premises include the erection and assembly workshops with an area of almost 3.000 m2 including shipping and dispatching premises. In addition to the above, there is a test room with a laboratory where the standard machines are tested with water and stock.