5~5~5~ Approach flow system

Approach flow system


Pressure screen STU is designed for screening sections of stock preparation lines. Its main features are high capacity, very good screening efficiency, minimum loss of fibres in rejects and low demands on installation, attendance and servicing. Convenient combination of rotors, screen baskets and drives enables to customize this machine according to requirements even of the most demanding customers.
These cleaners differ from each other in design, size and throughput and they can be operated either independently or in a multistage stations. According to their output body, they have an open design (VO) - impurities are discharged continuously into collecting piping - or closed design (VU) - provided with a collecting box from which the reject is discharged manually (M) or (MK) or automatically (A).
The SCANPUMP pumps are designed especially for pumping and delivery of all common sorts of paper stocks with consistency up to 6 %, furthermore for water, impure liquids and sediments. Design of their hydraulic part with an opened impeller enables to pump stocks with high efficiency and reliability in service.