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Drying part


Doctors are used for cleaning of rolls and cylinders in paper machines. Each doctor is specially constructed to fit an actual application in a PM so that it meets all given requirements - mainly the roll cleaning.
The rolls are standardly dynamically balanced for the required designed speed. For long slim rolls, we use a method of dynamic roll balancing in more levels. Rolls, operating as pressure vessels (with internal overpressure), are designed and tested in compliance with EU standards.
Drying part is the longest part of the PM. Its main purpose is to ensure the necessary drying capacity to reach the set PM performance.
Drying part - hood
Drying part - ventilation
Rope threading system is used for automatic paper web threading through the threading ropes from press part via drying section onto the reel of the paper machine. It consists of set of pulleys, rope stretchers and if necessary rope drive.
Stretching devices EDS, PDS, HDS are intended for stretching of felts in the press part and drying fabric in the PM drying part. According to the way of exerting force of stretching, the stretching can be pneumatic or electric.
UNO group of drying cylinders is a modern technological solution used for higher speeds of paper machines. Its advantage is, the paper is permanently held by the fabric on the drying cylinder, by the under-pressure on the Vacroll and by stabilization boxes between the cylinders (used for machine higher speeds).