5~5~5~ Press part

Press part


Coach agitators CA are designed for continuous mixing, pulping of paper broke and trimms from paper machine. Coach agitator is usually located under coach roll and on the beginning of the press part.
Doctors are used for cleaning of rolls and cylinders in paper machines. Each doctor is specially constructed to fit an actual application in a PM so that it meets all given requirements - mainly the roll cleaning.
Pneumatic guides PR are designed for paper machines wires and felts run regulation or for a contingent regulation of other endless belts. The regulation itself consists of a pneumatically controlled sensor with a vane and of a pneumatic circuit.
High-pressure oscillating showers VOT with an electromechanical oscillation are used for high-pressure cleaning of wires and felts in paper machines with clear water under a pressure of 1,0 to 5,0 MPa. This cleaning procedure brings a positive influence on the felt and wire service life (keeping original properties of wires and felts for optimal PM operation), quality of produced paper and energy consumption.
Others press parts
The paper pressing is the last process to extract mechanically the water in the PM line. There is a wide range of presses (having one or more pressing zones) used for such a purpose which when optimally combined create an adequate press part.
Press with extended pressing zone ”JUMBO” is constructed as a double-roll press with a hydraulic loading of the upper press roll. Usually it is used as the last press before the web enters the PM drying part.
Rope threading system is used for automatic paper web threading through the threading ropes from press part via drying section onto the reel of the paper machine. It consists of set of pulleys, rope stretchers and if necessary rope drive.
Shoe press is located in the PM press part. It belongs to the group of presses with an extended pressing zone. The load is controlled from 0 kN/m to the maximum load. The press roll has a bending compensation through a hydraulic system or a classic press roll with crowning.
Stretching devices EDS, PDS, HDS are intended for stretching of felts in the press part and drying fabric in the PM drying part. According to the way of exerting force of stretching, the stretching can be pneumatic or electric.
Suction tube is used for a mechanical or chemical cleaning of PM wires and felts. By means of an underpressure, it sucks out the given cleaning medium (water, chemicals) that is consequently led through suction piping outside the paper machine.
The multi-nip press part - TRI-NIP is one of the possible configurations of press rolls in the press part. The TRI-NIP is a compact set of four press rolls forming three nips. It is used particularly for the conception of the press part with a shoepress module in the position of the third nip.