5~5~5~ Fine screening of light impurities

Fine screening of light impurities


These cleaners differ from each other in design, size and throughput and they can be operated either independently or in a multistage stations. According to their output body, they have an open design (VO) - impurities are discharged continuously into collecting piping - or closed design (VU) - provided with a collecting box from which the reject is discharged manually (M) or (MK) or automatically (A).
Pressure screen STU is designed for screening sections of stock preparation lines. Its main features are high capacity, very good screening efficiency, minimum loss of fibres in rejects and low demands on installation, attendance and servicing.
Reversal centrifugal cleaners VOV a VTV belong to the family of the cleaners with a free vortex and a drainage of separated impurities into a collecting pipe. They find their use when removing very light impurities and air from the stock. The cleaners work separately or in stations.
Vibrating screen VP is designed for screening in lines for processing of chemical pulp, ground wood and waste paper where it is used mainly as an end part for final sorting of the reject from screening stages. An advantage of this screen is its open design; the stock can be seen while being screened.
Washing separator VSV is designed for deflaking, final screening and washing of rejects coming from primary cleaners in waste paper processing lines. It runs periodically in prog-rammable mode comprising of following operations: water inlet, stock processing, deflaking, washing and reject discharge. It is not necessary to separate the washed reject, it must be only thickened - e.g. on the vibrating screen.