5~5~5~ Pumps, tanks, reject thickening systems

Pumps, tanks, reject thickening systems


The agitator HP consists of a hub with blades, a shaft and a drive unit. The shaft is bedded into a bearing housing which is connected to the stuffing box by means of a mechanical seal. The agitator is driven by an electric motor with cogged V-belts that are covered.
Belt presses VX are an equipment designed for continuous dewatering of a wide range of sludge and other materials.
Mixing equipment PC with a horizontally installed agitator of a HP family is designed for mixing and homogenizing of fibrous suspensions with consistency up to 6 %. It keeps the stock in a whirling and uniform consistency. Moreover, appropriate design and arrangement of functional elements enable fast and complete agitation of filling and sizing agents, dyes or mixtures of diverse water stocks (chemical pulp, ground wood, water stock from waste paper etc.).
The SCANPUMP pumps are designed especially for pumping and delivery of all common sorts of paper stocks with consistency up to 6 %, furthermore for water, impure liquids and sediments. Design of their hydraulic part with an opened impeller enables to pump stocks with high efficiency and reliability in service.