5~5~5~ Raw material furnish, pulping, pulper tank cleaning

Raw material furnish, pulping, pulper tank cleaning

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Conveyers in paper mills are generally intended for conveying of waste paper, bales of chemical pulp or bags with chemicals to pulpers, for removal of rejects from separators, conveying of dry broke to pulpers or for paper rolls handling. The material is unloaded on the ingoing part of the conveyer or the conveying system.
Dewatering reject separators RST wash, separate and dewater impurities from coarse and fine screening nodes. Separator parameters are given by the type and grade of waste paper pollution. The impurities enter the separator intermittently. The processing capacity depends on the reject input consistency and on the sort of mixtures.
High-capacity pulping node comprises a pulper LCV-65 working in a continuous mode. Spinning trash is removed from the LCV-65 during the operation by means of trash tail ragger SN-13 and trash tail cutter DZS-65. Other devices cleaning the pulper during the operation are two periodic separators PSN-40.
Horizontal pulper HV is designed for continuous and semi-continuous pulping of coarse contamined fibrous materials, such as waste paper including papers with increased wet strength. Pulper HV is also designed for attaching of additional equip-ment enabling to separate most of impurities already in the pulper tank.
Low-consistency vertical pulper LCV is designed for continuous and periodical pulping of fibrous materials, such as chemical pulp, ground wood, waste paper (incl. papers with increased wet strength), broke, mineral fibres, asbestos etc.
Middle-consistency vertical pulpers MCV are designed for a highly intensive periodical pulping of white waste paper and laminated papers type TetraPak with a consistency from 10 to 15 %. The pulper output depends on a type of pulped material, way of operation and working-cycle structure.
Motor polyp grab MPD is used for drawing of impurities from the pulper tank. The device is designed for a crane suspension. It can be hanged on a crane hook by a shackle.
Periodical reject separator PSN belongs to a family of secondary pressure pulpers. Machine is designed particularly for separation of unwished impurities, such as foils, plastic particles, leathers, rubber pieces, rags, woods etc., from continuously working pulpers of waste paper (vertical or horizontal).
Rotary reject dewatering drum OBN is designed for dewatering of washed rejects during separation of impurities from a pulper of waste paper and periodical reject separator PSN and for thickening of unpulped rests discharged into OBN while cleaning the pulper tank.
The rejects dewatering press OLV is primarily designed for an installation in lines for a waste paper processing, i.e. for dewatering of rejects from pulpers (horizontal or vertical), periodical reject separators PSN, rejects dewatering drums OBN and rejects dewatering conveyors ODV.
Rejects dewatering conveyor ODV is used for primary dewatering of coarse rejects (it is a mixture of water and solid particles as paper clips, remains of hardened paper, wood particles, etc.), particularly from vertical and horizontal pulpers (LCV, HV) and periodical separators (PSN).
Self-cleaning trash rack is designed to separate solid floating trash (foils, poly-styrene, wood, etc.) from white water dewatering devices. In the lines processing waste paper the racks are placed after the dewatering drums OBN and they prevent coarse flotates in water pits.
Spinning impurities cutter DZS is designed for mecha-nical cutting of a spinning impurities tangle that is drawn from the pulper tank (horizontal or vertical type) when waste paper is pulped.
Spinning impurities ragger SN is designed for drawing of spinning impurities out of a pulper tank, particularly during waste paper pulping. The machine is recommended only for continuously working pulpers with a tank diameter exceeding 3.800 mm.
Waste rolls cutter (guillotine) WRS is designed for cutting of waste rolls. In the standard version, the cutter is delivered with a prismatic bed. In the extended version, the cutter is delivered with features fastening the rolls manipulation process.