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The PAPCEL Group co-operates with many used machinery dealers worldwide. We are ready to arrange the procurement of used machinery offered by other companies. PAPCEL has an own database of ”second-hand” (used) machinery ready for sale and the procurement is managed by the special department of the used machinery sales.

Before starting dismantling we arrange:
  • A thorough machinery technical inspection incl. a list of the parts to be refurbished;
  • Elaborating of complete design and drawing documentation both for transfers w/o modifications and for follow-up refurbishing;
  • Carrying out a complete photographic documentation and detailed matchmarking of the machinery for a troublefree shipping and dismantled parts records;
  • Review of and sorting out the used machinery drawing documentation.
In the course of dismantling we arrange:
  • Match-marking particular machinery parts within groups, compiling drawing documentation incl. entering item codes for following packing and loading;
  • Packing merchandise, making out packing lists;
  • Concluding contracts of carriage with shippers, complete managing shipping, ordering carriers, issuing invoices, arranging export documents and customs services;
  • In the cases of intended rebuilds, thorough examining particular machinery parts and specifying requirements on refurbishing of the same;
  • Elaborating of complete price offers of refurbishing works or proposals of completing machinery if rebuilds follow up.
2003 - 2004  Dismantling S/H PM MINORI Italy / TOO KARINA PAPER, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
2005 Dismantling S/H PM METSO TISSUE GmbH / TOO KARINA PAPER, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
2006 Dismantling S/H PM 1 Bukovec, Czechia / TOO KAGAZY PROCESSING, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
2007 Dismantling S/H PM 8 BELOIT, Netherlands / SCA TILBURG, BELOIT, Netherlands, SHURBAI Co., Syria
2009 - 2013 Dismantling S/H PM BELOIT, Canada / OOO SUCHONSKIY CBK, Sokol, Russia / Building PM 3
2010 Transfer S/H PM from Spain / TURINSKIY CBK, Turinsk, Russia / Paper machine
2011 - 2013 Dismantling and transfer S/H PM Alce, Italy / OOO MAYAK-VEGA, Penza, Russia / Building PM 2
2013 Dismantling S/H PM Peterson Norway / Transfer to Egypt
2014 Dismantling S/H Bormida, Italy / Transfer in containers to PAPCEL, a.s. Litovel