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The PAPCEL Group provides elaboration of machinery and process projects.

We provide:
  • Construction projects (alternatively collaborating with local construction works providers);
  • Electrical systems incl. measuring and control (M&C) systems;
  • Design of steam and condensate systems;
  • Design of heat recovery, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Standard documentation of machinery and process projects incudes:
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)
  • Detailed layout plans (machinery and process layout)
  • Foundation plans
  • Steel structures and pedestals
  • Tanks, reservoirs, chests and vats
  • Piping diagrams
  • Isometric drawings
  • Drawings of piping supports and hangers
  • Piping material listing
  • Lists of machinery, pumps, tanks, supports, piping, fittings etc.

Examples of the documentation

A. Process flowsheets

  • Machinery layouts
  • All the levels and profiles
  • Scales 1:50 / 1:100

B. Foundation plans
  • Basic documentation for civil engineers, for detailed design drawings, for concrete foundations
  • Dimensions and detailed specifications of each foundation incl. positions in buildings
  • Static and dynamic loads
  • Scale 1:50 (1:20)

C. Designing tanks and pedestals
  • Sketches for elaborating offers, basic documentation for working detailed design drawings up
  • Main dimensions, flanges numbers and DN data etc.
  • Scale 1:50 (1:20)

D. Plans of pipelines and piping hangers
  • Piping diagrams
  • Numbers of pipes, support positions, numebrs of M&C loops
  • All levels and profiles
  • Scale 1:50

E. Isometric drawings
  • Drawings for easier fitting and piping 
  • Separate drawings and material list for each pipeline
  • Pipelines may be welded quicker in advance
  • Scales 1:5/1:10

In general
  • All drawings are outputs of 3D-model
  • Main advantages: a) elimination of errors b) quick changes and modifications c) easy co-ordination
  • Used software: Inventor 2014 - outputs in DWG format