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The modern tissue-making processes puts great emphasis on the operation speeds of the tissue machines. The Crescent former is the solution. PAPCEL provides its own Crescent former concept with a hydraulic headbox. The headbox can be delivered in a standard single-ply version or in a two-ply design. 

The headbox features a unique turbulent tube design enabling:
  • Optimal web formation
  • Stable stock flow
  • Low power demands
  • Good fiber distribution in the Z-direction enabling to increase final product bulk density
  Type A
Type B
Type C
Design speed 1,200 m/min. 2,000 m/min. 2,200 m/min.
Max. wire width 2,850 mm 2,850 - 3,650 mm 3,650 - 5,650 mm
Number of plies 1 1 - 2 1 - 2
Dilution control system no optional optional
Number of wire rolls 4 5

Headbox special features

The PAPCEL tissue headbox shows remarkable stability and reliability. All the new tissue plants equipped with this headbox manufacture high quality tissue from the very first reel. The main features influencing the performance are:
  • Solid stainless steel structure
  • Short free jet length
  • Excellent basis weight cross profiling
  • Easy maintenance

The Crescent former is today the standard forming section for production of tissue papers with basis weight from 12 to 45 gsm at design speeds up to 1,000 - 2,200 m/min. High capacity dewatering is obtained by the squeezing action of the forming wire around the forming roll. 


The Crescent former framing is a cantilevered structure, made of stainless steel and designed for easy and fast wire changing operation. The water drained around the forming roll is directed by a deflector into the main saveall embedded in the framing. The forming roll is a plain roll with rubber cover, driven by a sectional drive. Wire run accessories, such as wire stretchers, automatic tension control, wire guiding are part of the Crescent former section.

Main parts

  • Supporting structure
  • Forming roll with bearings & housings, wire guide rolls with bearings & housings, pneumatic wire guide, wire stretching, wire tension control
  • Oscillating doctor for forming roll
  • Oscillating doctors for guide rolls
  • Showering system of wire part, incl. low-pressure showers and high-pressure oscillating shower
  • Chemicals wire shower
  • Savealls for water collecting and discharging from forming part
  • Wire deflector, walkways and ladders, soleplates


  • Equipment for roll change and wire installation
  • Forming roll mechanical drive
  • Controls
  • High pressure water distribution piping, including pump